Working Class Hero

John Lennon said "When they've tortured and scared you for twenty-odd years, Then they expect you to pick a career" in an amazing song called Working Class Hero. Though the song has such hard hitting lyrics this story resembles nothing described in it.

There are few days and i mean very few in my (and yours too if ur reading from ur office) life when there is absolutely no work. I mean ABSOLUTELY NO WORK.

No coding, no compiling, no design review, no designing, no code reviews, meetings, discussions, patching, delivering, commenting, testing. You report report to no1 and no1 reports to you. N O T H I N G.

And with this heavenly fact you wake up in the morning. In fact its an inspiration. You cant sleep well coz of this thought. The world looks happy and chipry. You smile and are courteous to even strangers. You dont command anything to any1, u are humble in every possible way.

You land in the office early and you dont check mails, don't check any WBS, yeah i mean its a different day, u dont want to do things which remind you of work days. (A work mail can ruin your morning you know).

Then every hour you go for social errands, smiling n greeting every1, asking abt their life and people arnd them. They feel good, they think "oh what a nice guy" .. and i say the same to myself only replacing nice with smart.

Lunch is long and heavy and so is the walk after that. Noon goes slowly, time doesnt pass, more social errands. You loiter in the canteen or in the gym. You have couple of extra coffee cups and out from nowhere comes the project manager crying out "Amit you will have to ...". (If u are sad at this point u are a working class hero).

Anyways i was kidding, the day just goes on and you suddenly say hey its the longest day in northern hemisphere, lets reach home when there is light. And with some previous experiences of Last minute work coming in ur mind, you run out of the office and enjoy rest of the day. You reach home to relive the office day.

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