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This blog has taken the course of my 10 yr old diary ... suddenly loads of empty pages ... but ill make it up, using a typical software process documentation format.

  • I got a chance to travel a part of bandra worli sea link. The road looks like a mumbai pune expressway and you get to see a new view of mumbai, looks good.

  • Anirudh's bike was stolen only to be found the next day. Three cheers to mumbai police. Sadly its now stuck forever in all paper work and formalities.

  • Traditional day at office was a nice change.

  • More Work

  • A SKY TRAIN gets a green signal in Andheri !! Coool

  • I transfer list of friends ph. num. to my mobile by sending SMS to my mobile via Yahoo messenger ;) .. no more buying some expensive cable

  • Still more work

  • I opt out from a trek .. decide to take rest

  • Again enjoying these digestive pills called Havaban Harde. Havaban means Air Arrows ;)

  • Updated my site. added some new personal pics

  • As always didnt miss the Cover Story on Star TV. Vir Sanghvi still takes beautiful interviews. Makes himself & the celebrity guest look like a common man and talks casually abt their lives. In a recent SHANKAR, EHSAN, LOY interview i came to know that a mock Woodstock happened in borivali national park ... man i missed it coz i wasnt even born then !! but thanks to that fest, LOY met EHSAN and they sure make some good music. Btw did u know shankar mahadevan is a comp. engineer who once worked for Oracle

  • Talking about music we were listening to "Mann ki lagan" by rahat fateh ali khan, nephew of nausrat fateh ali khan(NFAK). Listening to that music in the car was just a terrific feeling. Being in the music mood i downloaded Passion by ravi shankar, NFAK and peter gabriel, NFAK sure knows how to sing pain !!

  • Downloaded recent Aerosmith album Honkin' on Bobo .. Jazz Rocks !!

  • I missed the venus transit, didnt have any tool. But lucky are the people who got to saw this gorgeous cloudy venus transit view

  • Mom showed me an article in Lokprabha (Career Spl.) abt Rajesh Joshi and Nikhil Gupte's
    Auriga Logic, where i used to work till last year.

    Marathi article is here

    Also there is a v good article by rajesh which throws light on many diff things. Some tips for young entrepeneurs

    All the best guys .. hope u get more n more good business.

    am missing things @ auriga from participation in major decisions to uploading office furniture in trucks

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