Way to go Prez

Why do you have this hairstyle?
The hair grows.

thats the answer from the same guy who saved the career of a hapless student when the student mailed him.

The above answer was given during a question answer session by our prez, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam with school children.
Some of his answers were practical and inspiring. Its great to see a president fuel dreams into young developing minds.

Here are a few interesting QAs:

Who will you make the next President?
YOU, and you get ready.

There is always a woman behind a successful man. Who is responsible for your success?
God Almighty.

aint he practical ;)

Please share with us any of your happy and enthralling moments.

Once I was watching some polio-affected children walking with heavy calipers (artificial limbs), which weighed around three kg.

They found these very difficult to carry. One of my friends, a doctor, asked me why we couldn’t use some of the light-weight material used in missiles for making light-weight calipers.

This was quite an idea, and our team made the light-weight calipers, weighing 300 gm, within 10 days. These were fitted to those children. They started riding bicycles, running and jumping in great joy. It made me happy.

Way to go prez

Full article is at http://ww1.mid-day.com/smd/play/2004/june/85545.htm

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