Game, Set, Match Ivanisevic

Everything about him was different. Right from his name his 2nd name his superstitions his view of the game and life, his one liners & sense of humour and ofcoz his serves. His last wimbledon win was the last full tennis match i watched. He was the only wildcard entry to win wimbledon. He once commented in a press conf. "I can go on the women's tour with this second serve.". People loved him in 2 ways. they loved him or they loved hating him.

I have spent countless hours arguing abt his serves and his game. If ever i wanted to look like someone it would be him ;)

The only news he made this year was announcing his retirement. Frankly he said after bidding a farewell "no more painkillers and no more early mornings".

People, take a bow


Way to go Prez

Why do you have this hairstyle?
The hair grows.

thats the answer from the same guy who saved the career of a hapless student when the student mailed him.

The above answer was given during a question answer session by our prez, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam with school children.
Some of his answers were practical and inspiring. Its great to see a president fuel dreams into young developing minds.

Here are a few interesting QAs:

Who will you make the next President?
YOU, and you get ready.

There is always a woman behind a successful man. Who is responsible for your success?
God Almighty.

aint he practical ;)

Please share with us any of your happy and enthralling moments.

Once I was watching some polio-affected children walking with heavy calipers (artificial limbs), which weighed around three kg.

They found these very difficult to carry. One of my friends, a doctor, asked me why we couldn’t use some of the light-weight material used in missiles for making light-weight calipers.

This was quite an idea, and our team made the light-weight calipers, weighing 300 gm, within 10 days. These were fitted to those children. They started riding bicycles, running and jumping in great joy. It made me happy.

Way to go prez

Full article is at http://ww1.mid-day.com/smd/play/2004/june/85545.htm


Working Class Hero

John Lennon said "When they've tortured and scared you for twenty-odd years, Then they expect you to pick a career" in an amazing song called Working Class Hero. Though the song has such hard hitting lyrics this story resembles nothing described in it.

There are few days and i mean very few in my (and yours too if ur reading from ur office) life when there is absolutely no work. I mean ABSOLUTELY NO WORK.

No coding, no compiling, no design review, no designing, no code reviews, meetings, discussions, patching, delivering, commenting, testing. You report report to no1 and no1 reports to you. N O T H I N G.

And with this heavenly fact you wake up in the morning. In fact its an inspiration. You cant sleep well coz of this thought. The world looks happy and chipry. You smile and are courteous to even strangers. You dont command anything to any1, u are humble in every possible way.

You land in the office early and you dont check mails, don't check any WBS, yeah i mean its a different day, u dont want to do things which remind you of work days. (A work mail can ruin your morning you know).

Then every hour you go for social errands, smiling n greeting every1, asking abt their life and people arnd them. They feel good, they think "oh what a nice guy" .. and i say the same to myself only replacing nice with smart.

Lunch is long and heavy and so is the walk after that. Noon goes slowly, time doesnt pass, more social errands. You loiter in the canteen or in the gym. You have couple of extra coffee cups and out from nowhere comes the project manager crying out "Amit you will have to ...". (If u are sad at this point u are a working class hero).

Anyways i was kidding, the day just goes on and you suddenly say hey its the longest day in northern hemisphere, lets reach home when there is light. And with some previous experiences of Last minute work coming in ur mind, you run out of the office and enjoy rest of the day. You reach home to relive the office day.


Pothole Theorem

Theorem: Irrespective of the diameter, depth and the distance of a (smart) human from the pothole, the water displaced can be disastrous for extremely higher values of vehicle weight and lighter shades of trousers.

Potholes are the accidental human creations on a intentional creation called roads and they become polymorphic when they are filled with brown muddy rainwater. Recently we friends had been to a dinner part at goa portuguesa and i was waiting for shyam was coming to pick me up. Just meters away from the place where i was standing i saw a pothole and immediately moved to a "safe distance" .. but then something happened which made me derive the above theorem.

Anyways the dinner was as always great, the cusine at goa portuguesa is exteremly impressive and they have a menu card which is categorised by south indian states.

The cusine, Crab Papad and live music requests make this place quite unique.


AAAaaaaa raaaa laaaaa eeeeee HAHAHA wuUUUu waaAAAA

Well im not dozing on the keyboard but something i heard remixed with birds chirping this monday morning. There was some deja vu .. ummm arnd mid june, pouring rains and noises, high pitched, enthusiastic and shrilling noises !! it was a school bus passing by, Ahaa it was 14th June, the (not so) glorious day when school reopens in this part of the world. It used to be a mixed feeling then. Getting up early and homeworks used to be a pain.

But then again the joy of everything new was unmatched. I realised other than marriage, there is no other period in life where you can buy everything BRAND NEW. New books, new uniforms, shoes, socks, pens, pencils everything. Nothing is old. Not even yourself. (Atleast for the first week ;)).

"Shopping Bonanza" starts a week before. Wherever you go, you realise parents are shopping as if its the armageddon. Kids want the best, more, anything old is waste.

The smell of new books are drugs then. You start conquering the world goin thru geography books and "I SEE DEAD PEOPLE" in history books.
Brown traingular shaped paper cuts are lying everywhere as parents cover the books nicely whereas you are busy deciding which book gets the HeMan, Orko stickers and who gets the skeletor stickers. Personal care and attention is given covering the Physics Chemistry books and it dies as Maths book comein (irrespective when their chance comes ;)).
Your identity is stamped on every possible thing.

First week its all about being a good boy. You pack your bags properly. You dont forget anybook and are neatly lined up neatly in ur bag. Textbooks(read write) on one side and Notebooks (write read) on another.

Your new class and the floor are the earliest discussions with your friends. You proudly approach your classroom with your eyes firmly fixed on "STANDARD/GRADE" board. You feel on top of the word and good that you have climbed 1 definite step in life. You arnt nostalgic about your previous class/past as i am now. Nobody is discussing about their vacations but showing off their new pen, waterbag or something. Introduction to new class friends is out of question. Heck you even wave with apprehension to your old friends. You are perfectly fine the moment you see your only "best friend" (who is actually your bench partner of your previous year) . Class teacher and ur bench partner are the things you eagerly wait for. The first thing you see in your timetable are the games and club periods. You pray for an empty saturday coloumn.

And then the school takes its monotonous way and life is never the same until the next vacation or June.

And that my friend is the school life of the 80s. High Hopes and High Apprehension. No damn worry of the money which bought all the brand new things. Parents are angels taken for granted who bring everything for you on the platter and then probably go back to work, back in their own world, handling work pressures and then u see them back home enthusiatically running after you to get the homework done.

Life has some really beautiful lessons which no class or teacher will teach. Everyone learns and teaches, not neccesarily in the same order. Hope i have taken ur heart for a nice little ride.


All for one

This blog has taken the course of my 10 yr old diary ... suddenly loads of empty pages ... but ill make it up, using a typical software process documentation format.

  • I got a chance to travel a part of bandra worli sea link. The road looks like a mumbai pune expressway and you get to see a new view of mumbai, looks good.

  • Anirudh's bike was stolen only to be found the next day. Three cheers to mumbai police. Sadly its now stuck forever in all paper work and formalities.

  • Traditional day at office was a nice change.

  • More Work

  • A SKY TRAIN gets a green signal in Andheri !! Coool

  • I transfer list of friends ph. num. to my mobile by sending SMS to my mobile via Yahoo messenger ;) .. no more buying some expensive cable

  • Still more work

  • I opt out from a trek .. decide to take rest

  • Again enjoying these digestive pills called Havaban Harde. Havaban means Air Arrows ;)

  • Updated my site. added some new personal pics

  • As always didnt miss the Cover Story on Star TV. Vir Sanghvi still takes beautiful interviews. Makes himself & the celebrity guest look like a common man and talks casually abt their lives. In a recent SHANKAR, EHSAN, LOY interview i came to know that a mock Woodstock happened in borivali national park ... man i missed it coz i wasnt even born then !! but thanks to that fest, LOY met EHSAN and they sure make some good music. Btw did u know shankar mahadevan is a comp. engineer who once worked for Oracle

  • Talking about music we were listening to "Mann ki lagan" by rahat fateh ali khan, nephew of nausrat fateh ali khan(NFAK). Listening to that music in the car was just a terrific feeling. Being in the music mood i downloaded Passion by ravi shankar, NFAK and peter gabriel, NFAK sure knows how to sing pain !!

  • Downloaded recent Aerosmith album Honkin' on Bobo .. Jazz Rocks !!

  • I missed the venus transit, didnt have any tool. But lucky are the people who got to saw this gorgeous cloudy venus transit view

  • Mom showed me an article in Lokprabha (Career Spl.) abt Rajesh Joshi and Nikhil Gupte's
    Auriga Logic, where i used to work till last year.

    Marathi article is here

    Also there is a v good article by rajesh which throws light on many diff things. Some tips for young entrepeneurs

    All the best guys .. hope u get more n more good business.

    am missing things @ auriga from participation in major decisions to uploading office furniture in trucks