Pothole Theorem

Theorem: Irrespective of the diameter, depth and the distance of a (smart) human from the pothole, the water displaced can be disastrous for extremely higher values of vehicle weight and lighter shades of trousers.

Potholes are the accidental human creations on a intentional creation called roads and they become polymorphic when they are filled with brown muddy rainwater. Recently we friends had been to a dinner part at goa portuguesa and i was waiting for shyam was coming to pick me up. Just meters away from the place where i was standing i saw a pothole and immediately moved to a "safe distance" .. but then something happened which made me derive the above theorem.

Anyways the dinner was as always great, the cusine at goa portuguesa is exteremly impressive and they have a menu card which is categorised by south indian states.

The cusine, Crab Papad and live music requests make this place quite unique.

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