Holi Video: Absolutely beautiful message

Watch this beautiful holi video till the end .... beautiful song .. beautifully shot and beautiful message ...

At the end you would be just thankful that you could just SEE the video

I am sure people who love this festival but wont be able to enjoy this would adore this (Me included)

Got this from IndiaUnCut

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How are we becoming machines

A nice video on how the world is changing due to internet and how we are becoming machines. Beautiful music too and some good use of "HTML View Source"

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Good Cop Bad Cop

This week i came across 2 unusual stories wrt Police/Cops
The first one is funny but the second one is an inspiration and a perfect title for "Height of Honesty"

The first 1 is a funny video of what cops do when got free time on their hands. Even they are humans and get bored and some days they dont have much to do on their working day

Watch the video

The 2nd story is again a true and heartening story about a cop who broke a traffic rule, booked himself by issuing a ticket against him and never told anyone until it was discovered by his friends. There are so many honest citizens and cops i believe and this is just a proof. Hope we get to meet more such people. Reminds me of a great quote ... " Character is who you are when no one is watching"
Here is the full story ... http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/12784367?GT1=9033