Surfing Habits of single and married !!

I have a poll on my site asking people their marital status .... I was shocked to find that 60% of surfers on my site were single men only and the rest 40% collectively comprised of single and married females and married men .... With around 2000 votes it was a big sample to judge the results ... Any married man reading this can throw some light on this ???

The poll is here Surfing habits and marital status

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Horn Ok, Please

If you are in india you will find this message "Horn Ok, Please" omnipresent on every bumper or rear side of anything that runs on wheel ....

This is a fantastic video of a typical taxi/passenger driver in india or specifically mumbai i should say

This also gets you thinking about one of my all time favourite and artistic movie Taxi Driver

Amazing artists, details and art ...

Watch this video:Horn Ok, Please

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Passion: The spirit of life

Long time back i wanted to get a Guitar on my first earned salary. I eventually didn't buy thinking that it would stress my wrist as my full time job was coding all day long. My brain had overcome my passion then.

Over the time and specially when i see this video i just think i was not thinking right. Passion makes you experience amazing things in life and probably gets the best out of you.

I salute this person. If you are in san diego you are lucky to have such a inspiration

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Monkey taunts Tiger Cubs

Beautiful playful video ... A monkey makes lives of 2 tiger cubs awkward by pulling their ears and tail ..... Feels like it has been taken out of the Jungle Class ... Nature at its best ... i almost shouted when i saw him pull the tail !!

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