Veterans Shinning ...

2 Veterans have given me tremors in the last 2 days, the bearable tremor is the rise of "6 feet under" Congress ... the ground shaking termor was when dad showed me the new branded jeans he had brought ... not only he debuts in buying one, he spend enuf that i could have got him 2. im ashamed to an extent. He already has shown interest in my branded shoes (read washed, cleaned and tested). Dad is all set to look "Corporate-manager-on-a-vacation" in his coming trip.

Coming back to the other tremor, it was nice to see vajpayee's "... but India won" speech, this man deserves my respect. one of the Few good men. Talked all about the good things which india went through. Great attitude. We need more people like him.

Also it was nice to see the ever cool Rahul Gandhi wishing all the best for Vajpayee, shaking hands with the media people and apologising for being a pain. Man this person should be in PR. No doubt everyone is looking him as a future political biggie.

Also i noticed a minor stat in my office: more people interested in polictics than cricket.

This also reminds me of my engineering days where everyone scored well in exams. today seems to be that day for congress.

I think its time i start DLogging: logging my dreams; Yest i had one where poisonous species of reptiles were mutated to bite and make the other species non poisonous .. hmmmmm

Thats it for now while i tease my mom with "Sonia" is going to be .... while another proud son & mom rejoice, relive and contemplate their long long political saga .....

I hope india really wins ....