Vacation Affair

Whenever im home alone, i am naturally expected to b extra cautious abt door locks, cooking gas, electricity and one thing i always forget watering plants. Watering skips my mind coz i dont do it everyday. But when i do realise it for the first time i feel very bad and i regularly water them. In the silent home they are the only other signs of life (creepy crawlers dont count as i hate all of them). Suddenly a close bond is built and u just feel good. The reason to feel good is either beacuse there is a sense of company or you feel a bit pampered/proud as ur sustaining life. Hopefully it should be the former one.

Talking about water, there comes a "oh-i-have-heared-this-song-but-cant-recollect-but-why-is-it-sounding-so-beautiful-now" situation. This happened last week in office when i heared BADALON SE KAAT KAR from SATYA. The song, lyrics and specially the guitar fillers are amazing. Songs like these take a backseat as other catchy/radio-friendly songs become famous. Music by SANDEEP CHOWTA and BHUPINDER's Voice is great and his background score for the film is just terrific. I recall similarly i started liking "chup ke chup ke" from Pardes and "ae ajnabi" from Dil Se months after the movie was released

Also caught up with films like Three to Tango (Matthew "chandler" Perry's timing is too good) and Catch me If You Can ... the story is great; leo, tom and steven have nothing new to show. Leo, shown as a minor reminds of this brilliant performance in an equally brilliant movie What's Eating Gilbert Grape

I end my day as i still ponder how discovery channel did research and made a docu. on hippo dung supported ecosystem ....

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