Weekend was boring as i had to wash all my clothes, but then i said i have a FULLY automatic washing machine (FAWM). FAWM DRIES clothes too (marketing gimmick). But actually it does not. I had to dry the clothes the natural way. I knew this but now i was enlightened as my back got a tuff workout. We need better definations.

Of many interesting dreams, i saw one where no one else than BIG B (** Link says is doin 13 pictures this year !!!!) had come as a sales person. He showed me a cool fashion utility. He had customisable hair. He just pulled his hair out, shortened its length, arranged them, caurled them, changed colors, mixed them, made beckham designs. COOOL !! *thinks abt patents*

Another dream i saw i had a an umbrella which could be converted to a bike. I always think why did i dream this. I think the silly BATA HARRY POTTER ADV is the root cause.

In Short:
I met a certain friend miss X after a long longg time.

I saw a cool docu abt Hong Kong Int Airport, the 2nd man made structure visible from space. Man they now make pre fabriacated underwater tunnels like pipes.

Saw Beautiful Mind and meet the parents again

I went to shop for mobile only to return empty handed again. I take eternity to buy electronic gadgets. But im buying nokia 3250, the cheapest color display mobile. Cam mobile looks too useless and costly.

** As always im still completely amazed at IMDB's database.

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