Microsoft bolt works perfectly with microsoft nut

this aint about elections (though i would love to talk abt how cyber naidu was hacked) , its abt some basic rights in the internet world which is going to affect everyone who is reading this sooner or later. Seems india has decided to take on the goliath Apple (wish yashodhan was online to tell me wots happening inside apple) by releasing a software which makes u listen to iTunes (iTunes is for Apple what mp3 is for well .. everyone) on any OS.

Where india comes here is that the software required to do this is currently available ONLY on servers located in India. They are back again after they took down the sw when apple sent them a legal a month back.

Those who are still with me here and still are confused what the heck im talking abt here is the rundown in nice "Navneet 21 question answer set" format

1. SW Giants for their own business interests have started introducing DRM in their software which works in hand with their hardware.
2. purpose of DRM is to lock users .... in car language: Tyre type abc will only fit with CAR TYPE xyz and nothing else ... or microsoft nut will only work with microsoft bolt .... u buy 1 u get locked in the other
3. Noble , freedom loving people continously try to anti-DRM such stuff so that they become univeral and compatible.

Still confused ?? then u deserve a F (Imagine ur under 14 and its 30th April)