Laxmikant Berde (1954-2004)

Laxmikant Berde (1954-2004) ..the first result after typing berde in google news .. a very busy wekk kept me away from the details of this shocking news. Reading the 2004 part hit me badly. Lakshya was very different from what you must have seen bollywood movies.

He was THE joker in marathi comedy films. For me he was a superstar. Anyday i would prefer his movie than any other hindi comedy. His on screen timing with another timing genius Ashok Saraf is exceptional.

But the best part about about his roles were his intermingled whispering dialogues. Due to poor editing you really need a good ear to catch them. But they are hilarious. They came out of nowhere, when u least expected it, interwined with other dialogues, immature, brash, kiddish. They had no sarcasm as such. No dialogue delivery. Just on the face insults.

Surely someday some fan like me will be setting up some info on those hilarious dialogues.

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Dnyaneshwar Matre said...

u r very right...lakshay was one of the best actor that marathi industry has produced.....i like his way of whispering dialogue...like prompting himself...or sometimes confusing himself...